Bokashi Composting Instructions

Bokashi Composting Equipment

You only need one Bokashi bin to get started with Bokashi composting although we recommend using two bins if you can. With two bins, whilst the first is full and fermenting you can use the second to start the process again with your new kitchen scraps. Once you have your Bokashi bin(s) ready, the only other things you’ll need are Bokashi bran and some organic waste.


Bokashi Composting Instructions

1) Start by sprinkling a little bit of Bokashi bran over the bottom of the Bokashi bin. A small handful should be enough.


2) Add a layer of food waste to the bin. Cut up any large items that you’re adding, as this will speed up the process. Golf ball sized or smaller is good. It’s fine to add meat, fish, dairy, cooked or uncooked foods but try not to add anything with lots of moisture, like milk or juice.


3) Sprinkle another handful of Bokashi bran over the food waste.


4) Press down on the food waste with a flat plate, masher or something similar. By doing this, you’re trying to remove some of the trapped air, and roughly level the surface of the food waste.

5) Put the lid on your Bokashi bin. The lid should be airtight, minimising the amount of air coming into contact with the food waste.


6) Continue to add food waste and Bokashi bran in layers. Keep going until the Bokashi bin is full.


7) Every 2 or 3 days, drain any excess liquid from the Bokashi bin. Do this while you are still filling the bin in layers, and also when it is full. Most bins have a tap for this purpose. For maximum effectiveness, the collected Bokashi Juice should be used within 24 hours.


8) When full, leave the Bokashi bin with its lid tightly sealed for 2 weeks. Bokashi Juice should continue to be drained off during this time.


9) After 2 weeks, the Bokashi compost will be ready to use.


That’s all there is to it. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll soon be recycling 100% of your food waste.