Using Bokashi Compost In The Garden

How To Use Bokashi Compost

Once you’ve followed the Bokashi Composting Instructions and recycled your food waste, you’ll be left with a bin full of highly nutritious, fermented organic matter. Some people call this “pre-compost” because it’s not quite ready to be used to feed your plants yet. There are several ways in which you can put this Bokashi pre-compost to use. It can be:

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Here we look at how to do the first of these.


Bokashi Pre-Compost Used Directly In The Garden

After coming out of a Bokashi bin once the fermentation process is complete, the Bokashi pre-compost still needs to break down further to fully release all of it’s locked in nutrients. Most of the hard work has already been done and thankfully, because of the effective microorganisms (EM) present in the mixture, the process is quite quick too.


Before using your Bokashi pre-compost in the garden, it’s important to drain off any excess liquid from the mixture. It’s not disastrous if you forget to do this, but too much of Bokashi juice in the soil could result in damage to your plants. Once the liquid has been drained, you’re ready to use the pre-compost in the garden.


The final stage of the process is to bury the Bokashi pre-compost with at least 4 inches of normal garden soil and to leave for around 2-4 weeks to fully decompose. After that time, the waste should be unrecognisable. It will look just like rich, dark, nutritious compost. In some cases, especially at colder temperatures, the pre-compost can take a little longer to fully decompose. If this happens, and you can still distinguish different food scraps, just cover the mixture over again and leave for another week or two.


It’s important to think about where you are going to bury the waste before you start digging, as planting on top of the waste before it has fully broken down could damage your plants. One method is to bury the Bokashi pre-compost in a bed you intend to plant up a few weeks later. Another method is to dedicate an area of the garden to this process, moving the finished compost to your beds or pots once the process is fully complete. Your choice of method will probably depend on the type of garden and amount of space you have available. Both methods are effective, and you will end up with highly nutritious compost.


Once you’ve decided on your location, the process is very simple.

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  • Dig a trench or hole about 1 foot deep

  • Throw in the Bokashi pre-compost

  • Cover the pre-compost with 4-6 inches of soil (The process will be quicker if you first cover the pre-compost with 2 inches of soil, mix the pre-compost and soil together thoroughly, and then cover the mixture with another 4 inches of soil)

  • Wait for 2-4 weeks


Now, the Bokashi composting process is complete. Your food waste has been transformed into nutritious, moisture retentive, high quality compost.